HSCN hosts several committees dedicated to enhancing the organization. Contact us if you are interested in joining one or more committees.



Committee Members

Conference – Develop conference plan including theme, topics, speakers, format, sponsorships, and exhibitors 

Sue Smith (Lead)
Joshua Belinko
Suzanne Boudreau-Exner
Jacques Chaput
Hugh Durant
Ellen Gardener
Renee McIntyre
Charity Meiklejon
Vince Morelli
Toby O'Hara
Professional Development (rep)
Tim Emo
David Donnelly
Raj Malik
Scott Newton
Jacques Chaput
Kathryn Knight
Executive & Governance
Sarah Friesen
Zach Pocklington
David Donnelly
Toby O'Hara
Todd Presswood
Don Cummer
Vince Morelli (Lead)
Karen Belaire
Sue Smith

Membership - Develop marketing programs to increase membership and membership participation in network

Todd Presswood (Lead)
Marketing,Branding, & Editorial
Gino Iuele (Co-lead)
Lesley Cornelius
David Lacourt
Brian Lewis
Liana Scott
Recruitment & Retention
Don Cummer (Co-lead)
Eric Blanchette-Ouellet
Maria Cendou
Dave Dessureault
Tim Emo
Patrick Laplant
Vince Morelli
Zack Pocklington (Lead)
Don Cummer
David Donnelly
Sarah Friesen
​Toby O'Hara
Todd Presswood

Professional Development – Develop and execute courses, programs, and seminars on topics of interest to members

Tim Emo (Lead)
Sarah Friesen (Co-lead)
Suzanne Boudreau-Exner
Mike Daniels
Ann Dolan
Daniel Fabiano
Iris Ko
Christian Moisan