Canadian Healthcare Supply Chain Department of the Year Announced


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HSCN is very pleased to announce HMMS Inventory Management and Logistics Team as the winner of the 2016 Canadian Healthcare Supply Chain Department of the Year. The award will be presented to HMMS staff at the upcoming HSCN National Supply Chain Conference in May 2017.
Each year Supply Chain Week recognizes the teamwork, leadership and value that supply chain brings to the healthcare field. In August 2016, HSCN encouraged Shared Service and Group Purchasing Organizations as well as Hospital Purchasing Departments to send in their submission to support why they should be chosen as the Canadian Healthcare Supply Chain Department of the Year.
Organizations were to demonstrate their value relative to specific criteria – teamwork, innovation, customer service, patient care and comprehensive strategic planning. Evaluators evaluated the submissions to determine the organization that demonstrated the highest level of readiness to successfully lead initiatives that will advance the healthcare value chain.
Evaluators from various sectors of the healthcare supply chain community individually scored the submissions and then results were collated to determine the organization that demonstrated the highest level of readiness to successfully lead initiatives that will advance the healthcare value chain. Evaluators for the 2016 submissions were:
  • Maria Cendou - Director, Contracting and Procurement Services with The Ottawa Hospital
  • Timothy Emo - Vice President North America, Vernacare
  • Sarah Friesen – Friesen Concepts Inc.
  • Iris Ko - Adjunct Professor Research Analyst Postgraduate Program, Georgian College
  • Susan Smith - General Manager, HSCN

HMMS Background

Healthcare Materials Management Services (HMMS) is a joint venture between London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care, London created in 1997 to integrate and consolidate supply chain functions of sourcing, contract management, purchasing, accounts payable, finance, inventory management, warehousing and logistics for London as well as a number of regional hospitals.   An HMMS Systems Team, Project Manager and Administrative staff provide support to all areas of responsibility.

More about our teams:
Sourcing, Contract Management and Procurement:
The strength of this team is due in large part to their collaborative approach and emphasis on innovative sourcing techniques.  Team members strive to maintain quality sources of supply at competitive prices. They are responsible for competitive bidding, RFP execution, signing binding contracts for the organizations that HMMS represents, and contract and supplier management.   Purchasing and customer service staff support day to day procurement, order execution and follow up with customers.

Accounts Payable and Finance:
The Finance department is responsible to oversee and report on the financial operations and assets of our organization. Accounts Payable is responsible for the timely processing of supplier payments, and expense reimbursement.  Team members ensure compliance with Signing Authority Policy and Procurement/Expense Directives.  This team is also responsible for customs clearance for imports and payment processing for all spends for our Joint Venture owners with the exception of payroll.

Systems Support:
In addition to the core supply chain functions, HMMS has a robust Systems Support team responsible to ensure technology is available to enable our processes to have seamless movement of information, and capture and share information across the organization with integration throughout the supply chain process.  This team is responsible for system functionality (upgrades, troubleshooting), system integrity (maintain data tables for items, vendor), IT Optimization (GS1, HIS Interfaces, GHX functionality etc.), requisition approval hierarchies and training HMMS system users.

Inventory Management and Logistics:
The Inventory Management and Logistics team supports the organization through optimization of inventory including par level supply carts, shipping, receiving, warehousing and distribution. Our primary goal is to ensure we have the right amount of product at the right place at the right time

The honour of 2016 Supply Chain Department of the Year that has been bestowed upon our Inventory Management and Logistics team would not have been possible without the contributions of the entire HMMS family and individuals from all of the areas noted above. Special recognition goes out to the Systems Support team, led by Karen Sessions who makes sure that the engines that run our business keep turning.  Our department could not operate without them.  Also thanks to our General Manager Toby O’Hara, Ellen Lanooy, Directory of Strategic Sourcing, Patricia Klein, Director of Finance and our Project Leader, Penny Brush who worked tirelessly to keep our team on track throughout the project.